African Artworks FAQ's
Frequently Asked Question
  • From our warehouse located near CBD Melbourne African Artworks Pty Ltd ships it African + Australian Product Range, Wood carvings, Stone carvings, Indigenous Creations many more items through-out Australia and Worldwide.

    If the FAQ's below do not answer your question, please feel free to contact us directly and we will be only too happy to assist

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  • FAQ 1

    Q. Do we sell to the public?

    A. Yes we do.

  • FAQ 2

    Q. Is there a Minimum Order (MQO) Amount I Have to Buy?

    A.   For our Wholesalers, yes there is a MQO. All orders need to be over $60.00 excluding GST and freight charges. However if you think you would still like to buy from us please do not hesitate to contact to discuss your specific needs.
    If you a retail shopper normally there is no MQO. However from time to time we have sales and they may be a Minimum order spend to qualify for the discount.

  • FAQ 3

    Q. Can I pick and choose the quantities and items ordered?

    A.   Yes you can. Every item is individually hand crafted and no two are the same. If you want a specific item please contact us and we will email you a selection of the item you are interested in. This will show you EXACTLY the items we can supply. Please note this only applies to retail customers.

  • FAQ 4

    Q. Postage, Handling, Freight and International Services, what are they?

    A.   For full details please go to our delivery information page click here

  • FAQ 5

    Q. Do I have to pay via online when I order?

    A.   No, the choice is yours. You can pay via the secure gateway or you can pay via direct deposit or cheque. It is your choice.

  • FAQ 6

    Q. Do you have a showroom?

    A.   Unfortunately, as a bulk wholesaler we do not have a showroom and are not set up to have visitations.

  • FAQ 7

    Q. If I am not sure about an item am I able to get a sample sent out?

    A.   No we do not send samples out.

  • FAQ 8

    Q. How do I Receive Access To the Web Site?

    A.   Not a problem, you can either
    1.. You click on the request access link here, or
    2. Call us and we will take your details over the phone.

    Once we have all the required details, African Artworks Pty Ltd will review the request and advise you accordingly. Once your access has been activated you will receive a ‘Welcome Email’ with a few important details and access details.

  • FAQ 9

    Q. Have Questions About The Sale?

    1. The Sales Applies to Web Orders Only
    2. The Sales Applies only to Stock available on the Web Site. No Back Orders will be accepted
    3. The prices displayed are your buy price. The sales discount will be shown on the check out page. You can confirm all is correct before sendng the order.
    4. All Orders much be paid for before the order will be shipped.
    5. No Further discounts will apply. Promo Codes or Volume Discount will not apply during this Sale.
    6. The discount does not apply for frieght costs
    7. If we have to calcualte the frieght before you can pay we will send you an updated sales invoice within 24 hours of the order being placed for you to process.
    8. Is there a minumim order spend please refer to FAQ2 for details.

  • FAQ 10

    Whilst we work to ensure all information is accurate and correct, occasionally, an error may occur and goods may either be incorrectly described or incorrectly priced. Whilst care is taken to show correct images and details for each item, we are human. We reserve the right to supply the actual item intended for that specific listing. We will correct the details as they are found or made known to us. You have the option of either keeping the item or return the item. The cost of the return is to be paid by you not African Artworks.

  • African Artworks Pty Ltd hopes the above has been helpful

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