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About Us
  • African Artworks Pty Ltd is Australia's leading supplier of Hand Made Products From Both Africa + Australia.

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    About Us

  • African Artworks Pty Ltd is one of the Southern Hemisphere's leading supplier of Hand Made Products From Both Africa + Australia..

    African + Australian Artworks began in 1995-6 and has grown into the premier importer of fine African + Australian handicrafts. The focus of the business was changed in 2003 to concentrate on importing so that retailers could have quicker, more stable and regular access to products that are very popular throughout Australia.

    We have established an agent in Kenya to look after our interest in Africa and during our last trip we organised specific craftsmen in Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe to supply quality crafts.

    Our business operates from an office and warehouse in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia,

    We are a family owned and operated business.

  • African Artworks Pty Ltd

  • Our aim is to -

    Hold stock in Australia for retailers quick access.
    Pack & Ship any order within 2-3 days of placing the order.
    Provide a showroom of current stock for viewing and choosing
    Introduce a new line of fine African handicrafts every 6 to 12 months.
    Provide via our web site up to date stock, pricing,specials and bulk buying options

  • We Can Supply

  • Shona Carvings Wooden Carvings African Musical Items Tribal Crafts
    Didgeridoo's Clap Sticks Mouth Piece Wax Emu Callers
    Kisii Soapstone Soapstone Eggs Soapstone Hearts Kisii Animals
    Ebony Figures Ebony Animals Ebony Salad Spoons Ebony Lovers
    KeyRings Massai Bead Bracelet Animal Necklace Massai Beaded Bangle
    Tic Taks (Hand Drums) Nut Shaker - Kis Kas Kenyan Drum - Bongo Caxixi - Cane shaker
    Soapstone Vase Wooden Giraffes Stone Hippos Lying Lion, Cheetahs

    African Artworks Pty Ltd commits to:

  • Always maintain the fast, reliable, and efficient service for which we have become renowned.
    Regularly update our range to include the most current items available.
    Arrange to have exclusive designs manufactured for customers with special requirements.